The Environment

the outdoor area at Petals Unique Childminders

The Setting

photo of Petals Unique Childminders front door

The house is a three-bedroom house, with a front and back garden. The Main area is on the ground floor, which includes the Living room, Kitchen, Garden and an Accessible Toilet.

The Main area is divided into indoor and outdoor areas. The indoor area consists of different learning zones such as the Reading Corner, Creative Corner, Maths Area, Investigation Station, Changing Area and the Naptime Zone.

The Outdoor Area

According to Margret McMillan :

“The best classroom and the richest classroom is roofed only by the sky”.

The importance of outdoor learning and exploration has been well established in educational settings for many years. As an experienced Early Years Teacher, I have seen first-hand how outdoor learning can allow children to develop new skills, increase their knowledge and allowing them to become independent learners. Research has shown that the use of the outdoor environment is particularly important in engaging boys in learning and gaining new skills as well as providing them with the same learning experiences outdoors as they would have indoors.

the oudoor area at Petals Unique Childminders

In the outdoor area we have a role play area which also has books, dressing up clothes, writing tools and materials, a sand and water area, a mud kitchen, a garden centre, space for running around, exploring and having fun.

Outdoor learning

As well as the outdoor area I organise regular trips around the local area, by visiting parks and exploring open spaces, whatever the weather. I make sure that children are always fully equipped for learning by wearing the correct clothes for the weather.

 wellington boots in a muddle puddle

I also plan Educational visits to places such as farms, museums, zoos, aquarium’s and much more. These visits are to ensure that the children have the opportunities to develop their understanding of the world, by learning about people, animals, as well as developing their knowledge of particular topics which we cover in our monthly themes.

 a child playing with bubbles outdoors

Reading corner

A Reading Corner allows children to have a designated space to look at, read and enjoy books. Books play such an integral part in helping children develop their imagination, communication and language. By giving children access to good quality books, children can gain a better appreciation for the stories, they can understand about story structures e.g. beginning, middle and end and they can learn more about characters.

Exposing children to books and sharing stories with them even at an early age can spark a passion for books. Our Reading Corner is a place for sharing stories, enjoying tales and developing children’s communication, language and literacy.

Reading Corner

the reading corner at Petals Unique Childminders